When you've got an email address and you activate forwarding for it, all inbound messages will be sent to a third-party mailbox of your choosing. The email sender won't be aware of this and he will be sending the email to the original address. Such a feature is useful for people with multiple websites, each one with a different email for contact, for instance. By forwarding all messages to just one e-mail address, it will be simpler for you to keep track and not miss an e-mail because you have neglected to check a given e-mail. For those who manage a business, you are able to employ this feature to monitor the communication received by various divisions. A further advantage is that you're able to use an official email address for some reasons, let’s say admin@your-domain.com, and you can now get all of the e-mails sent to it in your personal email address. It's also possible to forward emails from a single e-mail to numerous ones, if a number of people should be involved with the email communication.

E-mail Forwarding in Shared Website Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all of the shared website hosting plans, will let you forward any email inside the account to another one without any difficulty. This can be done either during the creation of a brand new email address or whenever you want afterwards in case you choose that you need this function. During the process, you are able to choose if you want a copy of the messages to be maintained on the server. In this way, you will have a backup and you will avoid the probability to lose an e-mail message if the forwarding is to an exterior address, which can be temporarily unavailable. This feature can be activated and deactivated any time, and if you use emails for critical matters, it is better to use it, since no records of the emails are maintained on the server when the option is not active. In case you determine that you don't need forwarding any longer, it will take only a mouse click to deactivate it.

E-mail Forwarding in Semi-dedicated Servers

Forwarding an email address located in our system can be very easy if you have a semi-dedicated server plan with us and will also not take you more than several clicks to set up. This can be done through the Emails part of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and you'll be able to monitor the mailboxes which are being forwarded and where the emails are going to with a glance. The feature can be enabled and disabled for each of the email addresses inside your account. You could also enable or disable a valuable option that we provide - a backup of the e-mails being relayed through our servers can stay on the server. This way, you will also have a backup copy of your incoming messages and you will not need to concern yourself with losing any info. If you have this feature deactivated, you risk losing emails if there is a problem with the remote mailbox.